Celebrities are combating over the 'Keto' Weight-reduction plan. Right here's what science says about how wholesome it’s


The Keto Weight-reduction plan has been making headlines as celebrities publicly argue over it by way of social media. So precisely what’s the …



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  2. Keto works. You don't have to go full keto. You don't have to cut out carbs and sugar completely. Decrease the carb intake by 60% or more, same for the sugar. Increase the protein from meat and oil. Give it 4-6 weeks.
    Do what works for you. I counted calories to lose about 25 lbs. Ate the same food (no special diet) just kept it below 2000. Lost 6 lbs since November 2018, doing keto as above.

  3. An overweight Dr. telling people misinformation. I had high cholesterol, pre-diabetic, fuzzy brain and they wanted to put me on more medication for it. I just got lab work done after 4 months of the diet and all my labs were all outstanding. I had zero health alerts after being on the Keto diet for 4 months, that's outstanding. No more foggy brain either and I'm down 30 pounds. I will never go back to "normal" eating. Keto for life!
    Even the government disagrees with this Dr. See link below:

  4. Incorrect information. Why can't you find some medical professionals who have actually taken the time to do some research before spouting off on TV?

    0:26 "I am not a diet fan." – Perhaps you should be Doc.
    0:40 "The keto diet is prescribed to kids for Epilepsy" True, however, that is not what is being discussed here. The discussion is about obtaining "Nutritional Ketosis" for otherwise healthy adults, not the higher fat variant of the diet intended for the therapeutic treatment of Epilepsy: https://charliefoundation.org/diet-plans/
    0:52 "80% of the calories come from fat" Not true for Nutritional Ketosis. If you are a lean athlete exercising four hours a day and eating a ketogenic diet, then in that case you probably would require an 80% fat diet.
    1:00 "Ketosis, and this burns body fat." Incorrect. Ketosis means that you have ketone bodies in your bloodstream as an alternate fuel source for your brain now that you are not eating carbohydrates/sugar. In order to lose net body fat, one needs to still eat at a caloric deficit over time.
    1:05 "Low carb diets tend to do better than low fat diets when it comes to dropping weight." True, but misleading. Keto provides a strong diuretic and anti-inflammatory effect, and many overweight and obese people will see dramatic water weight loss the first month on the diet. This is not fat loss and will come rushing right back if/when you go back to the Standard American Diet.
    1:13 – what is that pictured? Rice?
    1:14 – what is that pictured? Beans?
    1:25 – "Too much saturated fat can increase your bad LDL cholessterol." You are woefully behind the times on this research, Doc. Even Time magazine has gotten the message. https://www.swissre.com/institute/conferences/food_for_thought_bmj.html
    1:35 – "You could be missing out on valuable nutrients and fiber." B.S.

    Full stop. Can't listen to this drivel anymore.

    It is indeed impressive how much misinformation Dr. Partha Nandi can spout in such a short period of time. I'd recommend that he brush up on his science a bit more…



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