Celebrities Share Ideas on Anxiousness & Despair


In case you’ve been following me for some time now, you would possibly know that anxiousness dysfunction is a matter very near my coronary heart, as I actually …



  1. Depression and anxiety are no joke. I have been suffering from depression since the age of 7 years old. As I got older, it started getting worse. It all first started with sleeping paralysis. When I was in my twenties, I started seeking help and received therapy with antidepressants and medication for anxiety. Two years ago I tried to go off my medication which was the biggest mistake. My blood pressure was sky high, I felt enraged for no reason and I cried about everything and anything. My doctor said I have to be on medication for the rest of my life. There were times that I wished myself dead or thought about overdosing on sleeping tablets. In school, the other kids thought I was a snob, but I was too anxious and shy to talk to anyone. The worst is, there are people who say depression does not exist, it is all in your head and you must have a change of attitude. It is way more complicated than that. There is no miracle switch to say "hey, I am cured now. Life is wonderful". It just doesn't work that way.

  2. “I am from India 🇮🇳 & dealing with anxiety for last 4 years, I can understand what one feel when he faces Panic attack!” I started facing them recently when I lost my mother in May during second Covid wave!” Now I am getting the treatment under physiologist!”

  3. Useful video. In life there are only 2 problems-mind and the body. To feel better reduce negative thoughts and overthinking. Your breathing is closely related to the brain [mind] and gives good relief from stress-anxiety. To relax sit on a chair or lie down, neck straight, eyes closed and observe the sensations of your incoming–outgoing breath at the entrance of the nostrils for 5-10-15 minutes or more. Don’t fight your thoughts. With daily practice the mind will relax. No deep breathing needed. Observe your breath sensations when you experience multiple thoughts anywhere-anytime- before sleep, in college, at work, before sleep, in the kitchen, when reading, etc. Like me, make this a lifetime daily habit to have a better life. Reduce negative social media, take morning sunlight walks and avoid constipation as it affects the mind instantly. Best wishes–Counsellor.

  4. I've been thru alot of social anixety and depression too at some point of my life for months! And its the worst feeling ever ! To think you're not enough , you're not able to talk to people cause you're always in your mind. But this lasts only for so long ! When you spend some time with yourself out on the green all alone !, Feeling yourself… Doing for yourself, listening to yourself. You'll get to know that it doesn't matter what people think all what matter is happiness, your happiness and that's the most important most prime thing in your life. If you feel like talking talk. If you don't feel like talking. Stay shush. Its for your own good. Happiness stands first alwys. This is what i have learnt from my experience. I can't just sit in a bunch of people feeling uneasy. I know its hard, its not good, its bad. But to overcome that feeling you have to work on that. Do something about it. Be with yourself first. You gotta love yourself first. you gotta put yourself first.

  5. I swear not easy to express wat we r going through at tat point I hav been going through this since mid2020.. actually we feel like we r living alone heavy mentally and physically in a different space we are not aware of tat we even exist in current running world we feel like we r living in different zone of kind of illusion I can say it's too hard to express..peole say u hav to think only positive and focus on doing something productive to keep ourself bzy..but actually it's not cup of tea to be in mental comfort zone we can't act like mature bcz the situation upset us also it's upto us to live peace for a moment at the same time the moment looks vry dark n vry low inside also In mind there are pool of negativety pops up ta left situation out of control tats wat depression anxiety makes me feel I can say this much.

  6. Im gonna say it, but I think people are scared to admit that it comes with every human as they get older during changes in their life. I think if you walk this earth as a human, there will be a time in you're life where you will experience some form of anxiety or depression, its totally normal and people need to know how to deal with those emotions so its easier to get through life.

  7. Knowing these people suffer from anxiety like me, comforts me when I think about my own acting, I plan on doing it as a job but there is always that little voice in the back of my head saying i can't

  8. Im a classic over-thinker and "future tripper". Constantly thinking about the joke I said to a friend last week during the game or where my career is gonna go. The only times in the day that Im not anxious or depressed is when Im writing and producing music and when Im working out (weight lifting or muay thai/kickboxing). It pushes me to get up and do something to change the way I feel. If you can find outlets for your negative feelings, they end up being a positive thing in your life. Almost like an invisible force to tell you to go do something. The worst thing you can do is scroll thru IG for hours or watching Netflix on an endless loop.

  9. Mental illness does not have us, we have mental illness, & therefore we can control our reactions to it & learn to cope. It doesn’t define us, even if we have to whisper it after screaming through tears for hours, it doesn’t define us.

  10. Yeah, I totally agree that we communicate lies, a perfect life, be always positive and thankful, and I hate those quotes saying: get away from toxic people, sometimes we need a friend, specially when we are struggling with some mental disorder, for sure that a personal help is appreciated but be surrounded by people helps, at least helps me.

  11. I want to stay in my home forever, because i feel like i am not safe anywhere. i have had 4 anxiety attacks while at church (last week was my worst) and at school and my home, but i am too scared to talk about it with my family because i think theyll think im pretending or that i am too sensitive, and i am very scared to tell my mom because shell tell me to pray about it and get closer with God and that satan is who is making that happen. And i just dont know what to do. I am starting to get scared to go anywhere (especially church) because i will get another one again, and i feel like i am just waiting for something bad to happen.

  12. Glad I came across this. A lot of what these guys said couldn't be more true. Even though depression and anxiety are still every day battles for myself, and many of us, I finally realized that it's not wrong to feel this way, that we all have someone to relate to, and someone we can go to when things seem impossibly hard. And yes – celebs are humans too. They can feel these feelings; they understand that every day can seem as painful as a butcher knife slowly moving through your mind and your heart. So, Tiffany, thank you for this video. Sometimes Youtube really can be more than just a way to escape.👍

  13. I was diagnosed with anxiety like 10 months ago but I battled through it and I changed for the better. I still get anxiety attacks but usually it gets better in a short amount time. If you also have bad anxiety like me then don't keep it in, talk to your friends and family. With their help I am better now. So don't give up and if you go through it you change and become better as a person

  14. Anxiety is no joke. My mother experienced it pretty bad and now as I have gotten older I have had my fair share of moments. Been going through one lately. My anxiety get bad at times. Lately it's been really bad. I have a tendency to worry about my health to an extreme degree. It gets in my head and it absolutely defeats me. It is terrible and it can make me feel lost. It makes me feel weak and I get angry at myself for allowing myself to fall this low.

  15. Depression, or feeling severely depressed is weird, but still sort of definable. It's like feeling you're missing a part of yourself. Like everything just seems different. You don't see things the same way. You don't react to things the same way. Like you lost part of yourself. The childlike happiness is just gone. You feel like you're trapped in an endless abyss of unexplainable sadness and worry and pain. It feel like there's just no end. You're outgoing and happiness just left you with your pain and guilt, and you're just chasing it and chasing it, but you can never catch up to it.

  16. I totally agree with everything Lady Gaga said… shes been controlled by the industry for so long and im actually tearing up to see her be, her again. Im so happy she can express, talk, and act whatever she desires.. 😭😭❤❤

  17. I'm a cough-med addict. Don't remember the mg's I actually take at times. Willingly. Kind of a Russian roulette game I play to amuse myself. Don't like my life. Didn't ask to be here. Or so I think. Maybe I did and I just don't remember, obviously. Try to get my affairs in order only to make it through each and every time. I wake up. Really? Not the role I wanted. Skip this crap

  18. When I was younger, I used to blush like crazy, like over anything. It got to the point where I became obsessed that it would happen, and because of the constant ruminations it would always happen. Piled on top of this was severe anxiety constantly(id get migraines every day from it), and crippling depression to the point I didn’t want to be here anymore. To combat this, I exercise and try to eat right, and have a steady support system, along with using my experiences as inspiration for my writings. I got on medication about a year ago, and it saved my life. I am 100% certain I wouldn’t be here today if I didn’t. Right before I got on it, I was up for about 3-3.5 days because I couldn’t sleep because my thoughts were so rapid and intense. Prior to medication, my family would just tell me I needed to get out into the sunlight and exercise, and that I had nothing wrong with me. They told me they’d all felt like I had before. I knew they couldn’t have felt this terrible. The human mind can make or break you, and a lot of times I still feel like I’m losing this battle. I hope one day I can beat it.

  19. I feel like I can’t find myself no more. I feel anxious about everything and start to think ima have a stroke or heart attack and my anxiety just now started a month ago but luckily I went to a therapist right away bc I hate feeling sick. I’ve always been a happy person but out of no where I started feeling like I am stuck.


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