High 10 Inspiring Celebrities With Persistent Diseases


High 10 Inspiring Celebrities With Persistent Diseases // Subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/c/MsMojo?sub_confirmation=1 Did you …



  1. #1 actor with serious
    medical illness goes to
    CHADWICK..who died from
    Colon Cancer in 2021..
    his Determination……
    Will Power/ strength &
    stamina,etc….he really was
    a SUPER HERO..R I P!!!!

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  3. Anyone else cursed with an over dramatic immune system? Mine seems to think that I have a deadly illness when in actuality I have a cold or a minor case of the sniffles.😅

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  5. Stop romatisicizing chronic / mental illnesses. Celebs coming out and saying they have mental issues does absolutely nothing for the general public because it further illustrates how normal people suffer in silence due to stigma while celebs are hailed as heros.

  6. Disabled and chronically ill people shouldn't be your inspiration porn. We don't exist to inspire you. We don't get to choose to be disabled and chronically ill. We don't get a choice on whether we "keep going" or "stay strong". We don't have any other options.

  7. I never watched a Kardashian show in my life. But. Kim is taking cortisone shots for psoriasis? I’m sure you got this wrong. Cortisone injections are to be used in life threatening emergencies only. Cortisone side effects are so devastating that it can’t be used on a regular basis – unless there’s absolutely no other drug that will be effective for a particular condition and the patient would die without it. There are many drugs that can be used for psoriasis. Cortisone would be miles removed from the top of that list. Several celebs have been hawking “shots” (immunosuppressive drugs known as biologics) for psoriasis: Humira, Enbrel, Stelara, Cosentyx, etc. So. If Kim truly takes cortisone shots for psoriasis she got some very bad advice.
    Missing from your list are people who were/are fighting their disease with great courage: Glen Frey of the Eagles who had rheumatoid arthritis, Linda Ronstadt who lost her golden voice to Parkinson’s, and Olivia Newton John, whose fight against cancer is so inspiring. And don’t forget Christopher Reeve. Even though he didn’t have a chronic illness per se, he lost functioning due to an accident. He was an advocate and inspiration!

  8. Can we please stop calling Kim Kardashian a “celebrity”? If she can show some actual talent and do something other than a sex tape or just have her entire life filmed maybe then we can call her a celebrity. I’m so sick of the Kardashian sickness that flows so freely in the general public.


    OVER IT.

  9. I hate Selena Gomez. There's too many fucked up things about her. Examples: Francia gave her kidney then was spotted drinking about a month later and has the audacity to call her "the girl that gave me her kidney" in an interview; she was friends with Jennifer Aniston and soon after her divorce she slept with him; after Justin Beiber got married she dropped a song bashing him and she wasn't releasing any songs for a long time but all the suddenly she did after he got married?? Hmm… Not to mention all her friends dropped her (Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato, so on and so forth). Sure she dropped a few good songs, but I dont like her as a person to say the least.

  10. So they’re just not gonna mention Mick Mars? He has a degenerative bone disease called ankylosing spondylitis. His spine, hips, and shoulders are literally fused together. He can’t even turn his head to the side, and he still goes on tour and is an amazing guitar player, and he is in constant pain.

  11. I have fibromyalgia, it's nothing to sneeze at. People tend to dismiss this illness as made up sometimes, which makes me so angry. Some days I can hardly move, let alone function. My pain level is off the chart. I do what I can and try to keep going, despite my memory problems getting worse. I don't want pity, just empathy and understanding.

  12. If you are reading this and know you have an illness it doesn't matter if it was mentioned or not, be strong never give up,believe its okay to be I'll and take it as unique, not very body must be 100% healthy. And see very day as a blessing and opportunity to live life to to the fullest… And never blame yourself for something you did not ask for. I will appreciate if if you leave your comment. And remember 👆skreen shot it if you need motivation


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