A nutritious diet, a more healthy world


At the moment there’s a new diet actuality. It’s a actuality the place undernutrition (reminiscent of micronutrient deficiencies, stunting and losing) …



  1. I have been dealing with FIBROID for the past 5 years until I received an online review about DR AGBOYA on YouTube. People testify how they were cured with their herbal medicine and ordered the treatment and after taking it for a few weeks I was completely cured

  2. This was an excellent video of Health education. Herbs are the best and safest way get cured from HIV, God bless Dr Dagba for his miraculous herbs he uses to heal sick people of different infections all around the world

  3. yeah having improper diet can lead you down. sometimes your skin looks dull, unattractive, sometimes you feel tired …its all because of improper diet .My doctor from planet ayurveda suggested me some medicines 100% ayurvedic n herbal to purify blood triphala and now my skin is just woww…..and also make a diet chart . Their suggestions are just goood.

  4. Well planned plant-based or vegan diets are great for the environment, your health and the animals and products from PLANET AYURVEDA are also very effective and helpful for ant health issues

  5. Having a healthy food is really good add some ayurveds to it too…..you will get extra benefits . I am using capsules of mineral vitamins suggested by my doctor from planet ayurveda. reallly good side effects .


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