Celebrities on Being Wealthy However Not Completely satisfied + Giving Recommendation


Celebrities on being wealthy and the way it isn’t making them completely happy however typically even depressed and unhappy. Cameron Diaz, Jay Z, …



  1. Well just give me your money load my bank account with endless amounts of money and I will test this out… im pretty sure I'd be happy. Be able to travel the places that I want. Not have to work and deal with the disrespectful assholes at my job id be able to drive by flip them off and laugh at them makes me smile to just think about it..

  2. That’s fine if he’s rich people want to give me the money I will take it and I’ll be perfectly happy and they could be miserable and broke that’s fine

  3. Awww poor rich folk
    This excuse of ‘I’m rich but unhappy’ is basically promoting’us and them’
    We have fostered a culture of wealth and beauty etc it’s our collective fault
    Let’s all sufffer it accordingly
    Least of all these pieces of sh#t
    I got a kid on the way with ww3 looming and a masssive financial crisis looming over my country and it will never be enough even on 50 grand sterling a fucking year
    Stop moaning you pieces of shit
    You are privileged in a world that is determined my Fiat currency
    I don’t need any more possessions
    I just need to figure out how to feed my fucking kid on a double over the uk average salary , pay a mortgage and utility bills as well as dress my child and educate him.
    Stop fucking moaning on ya yacht and live your best life you fucking prohypocrisy pieces of cat shit
    Seriously fuck off
    You don’t know struggle
    I’m double average salary but Christ I remember minimum wage
    I also remember homelessness and being sexually fucking degraded for money to feed myself
    Fuck off
    Money not buying happiness is just an excuse to not pay tax in a capitalist system
    I know what it’s like to have nothing and I know what it’s like to earn considerably over average and it still not being enough
    The world is suffering
    People are fucking suffering
    Classism is at its worst
    Racism at its worst
    Capitalism at its most corrupt
    Fuck Hollywood
    Fuck you all
    A cus on your fucking families

  4. “Being a limo driver offers a glimpse into the lives of rich people. The most interesting situation was with one client who lives in a $60 million dollar mansion and he was openly telling his notoriously cheater wife how he’s sick of being the nice guy while his partners run all over him. Days later he died from suicide”.

    He had all the comforts the common man would enjoy but non of the peace the common man has

  5. I find it so frustrating the way rich successful people try to play down their wealth saying it doesnt bring happiness.. Well reality check..IT DOES!!!!!!!!! Rich people get stress cos they have to go out shopping for clothes for their next holiday. Success gives you peace of mind on MANY THINGS…Confidence, satisfaction that your life is worth while. Sure money wont stop one suffering from the general issues of life like death and betrayal… but not worrying about paying your gas bill is a wondeful happiness they take for granted!!!!!!

  6. when money was bountiful, the happiest moments were giving those who needed help. Money doesn’t buy happiness, nor security, feeling lonely, wishing to be in homes, where love is bountiful yet money is scarce . I experienced anxiety , providing for my children, single-handedly, w court cases, and a new business launched to survive. Through both high and low , I assure you , a rich person can be miserable knowing those around you are there only because you are spending on them , and they are off when the money is all gone ! your heart and soul hardens up to face all the challenges and you feel you are on an island . The more money you have , the higher are the risks , liabilities, responsibilities and the less love you have in your life .

  7. Rich people need to tell the poors these things so they don't get lynched on a daily basis. Anyone, anyone at all, in the entire world, who gets a level of personal wealth anywhere near the biggest name celebs, ceos, real estate tycoons etc, has an amount of choice in their life that the average human being will NEVER have. That's the key word. CHOICE. Money might not directly buy happiness, but a certain amount of wealth gives you complete and total CONTROL of your life and you have the freedom to make any CHOICE you want about pretty much anything that can be changed via an individuals choice. Boo hoo you're unhappy, you're suicidal, who cares. If you are worth $100 million, just QUIT work, sell your business, finish up your contract and GET OUT. You never have to work again. You never have to grovel to any boss or manager ever again. You never have to get out of bed or go to sleep at any time you don't want to. You can travel wherever you want, live wherever you want, drive whatever you want, give your children or partners or family whatever they want or need. Shut the fuck up.

  8. I would gladly take the pay of a normal public service worker or a nurse to play hit songs and have a decent home and entertain guests, because of the status and security reasons you need to make alot. because people want to be you, I just want to live as an entertainer and Act due to a long life of not being me….and play my music and instruments I learned and wrote, thats all. id be happy to share my ideas, not for the fame as much as for loving it all.

  9. Boo hoo, give me a chance to show my music and I will just be grateful and help others as I can and live comfy but to only entertain guests, I would live in a tent if I was alone

  10. I’m poor. I have depression and anxiety disorder. My dreams are to be wealthy but the idea of what I’m going to do scares the hell out of me. What do you do when you’ve achieved everything but you don’t have he imagination or attention span to enjoy your riches? And then after you come to that problem, it could be compounded on by the death of your loved ones, then not only do you have nothing to aim for but you are lonely and no woman can replace your family. Chances are she’s just a gold digger anyway. Life sucks.

  11. I never heard such a rubbish, all my life, I know people are rich and laughing their head off and making jokes all the time, cause they not struggling or have to do job search, never have to struggle, what are they on about? your rich be f— ing be happy, If you take a wealthy person strip all their wealth, do you think they be happy or miserable ? you know the answers to that.

  12. Yes. It's easy to say all of that when you have so much, they're certainly not giving it away, but remember you and I collectively made them this wealthy by watching them.

  13. Studies show that people who make more money (up to a certain point that is beyond the national average yearly income) actually ARE happier so 🤷🏼‍♀️ 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️ I call BS.

  14. People who look for celebrity are usually searching for something or needing approval. I am not surprised. A good lot probably did not donate or volunteer worth a damn before becoming celebs. A hollow shell can't be filled with money and fame to make it whole.


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