Unseen Struggles: Athletes and celebrities on psychological well being (Full Episode)


WATCH THE FULL EPISODE. Might is Psychological Well being Consciousness Month and the COVID-19 pandemic has solely magnified circumstances of …



  1. Fuck sake all you hear is mental health this and that…literally every single person i talk to has “menta health” problems…all the kids in school are coming home nowadays thinking they have mental health problems and anxiety..Some people really do have these problems but most ppl who claim they do actually don’t

  2. Sir thank you for doing this, I've recently been struggling with GAD, my doctor said the pandemic has effect everyone's mental health. The best thing I could do is open up about it, I'm 3 months in, without meds, feeling better. Keep on chugging 🚂

  3. Good post, Graham. Those you interview most always show their humility to discuss their struggles & weakness. Each time this happens I'm reminded of the Apostle Paul's words: "for when I am weak, then am I strong."

  4. Awww, these poor rich, famous people, being away from the spotlight for a year must've been so traumatic. Must be difficult being trapped in your 6,000 square foot mansion in the Hollywood hills while all the normal people still had to work or go on welfare.

  5. Thank you for this. Makes me feel less alone less weird. This pandemic this Isolation made me realize alot about myself. Super scary stuff. To deal with that alone was/is the hardest thing ever. Cheers from montreal


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