Celebrities Open Up About Psychological Well being Throughout COVID-19 | NowThis


From Emma Stone to Kevin Love, actors, athletes, musicians, and extra are opening up about psychological well being throughout COVID-19 for …



  1. Despite the whole NBC SNL director Dave Mccary engagement thing. No matter what is reported or said or seen. Theres more proof and signs Stonefield is alive and still together than any of the nonsense media and paparazzi shove down our throats.
    If I'm right, Andrew and Emma are still together and they are dating and this is not a joke! They never split at all! The tabloids were lying the whole entire time! Truth is, Stonefield is alive and still together and keeping the romance private due to paparazzi. private life is private life! this love is strong! and it's never gonna die! this love can't die if they really love and care so much for each other!
    Oh and btw, Media is horrible and paparazzi are idiots! they will watch Stonefield and see how much they love each other and how they are still together and been a couple for a long time and media will literally write what they didn't see cause that's how they work! private life shouldn't be their business.

  2. Yes, because celebrities are truly suffering from this pandemic, they should be the face of mental health..

    Stop making these people the face of a pandemic that is leaving millions of Americans unemployed, homeless, and sick!!!

  3. I honestly have no sympathy for these celeb’s “struggles.” There are people out there whose savings are depleting, if they have any at all, and need to worry about how they’re going to pay for food or rent next month. Imagine the pressure of having to care for kids/dependents under these circumstances.

  4. Hey guys, I know most will scroll passed this, but for those few who will read this: I lost my job due to Covid19, so I've been trying to cope. Since I got time, I've been making a variety videos. If you can check me out and subscribe, that would be awesome 😊. Thank you and I appreciate you. Stay safe

  5. Mental health issues during pandemic in the US and México or Brazil should take in consideration the enormous anxiety that incongruent incompetent corrupt presidents with extreme divisive policies had already caused in their countries before the pandemic

  6. You people have no clue. Some of us don’t even have TVs or stove hook ups or even homes . Must be nice to be able to do all those things and to be able to choose what helps you. We take what we can get.

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    Every country should legalize assisted euthanasia so that poor people can receive a fast painless death.~
    Several Eur0pean countries such as Switzerland and Belgium have already legalized doctor assisted euthanasia for the elderly, disabled, terminally ill, and in some cases, even just severely depressed people.
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