Train, Diet, and Well being: Holding it Easy | Jason Kilderry | TEDxDrexelU


The speaker may be very enthusiastic about train, diet and well being. He displays that within the discuss. Jason discovered his ardour for …



  1. it is actually NOT about 'knowing better.' It is just where and how you live, how you feel, what demands life places on you and what you need to eat to stay functional. if you can't get to work without eating a ton of candy, you either eat the candy or feel too depressed and distracted and fail at your job. simple. if you feel lonely and you need an ice cream bar and you have not eaten for many hours and are far away from home, you need to eat ice cream because nothing else will stop you from feeling lonely at that moment. simple again. this guy made a decision to breathe 2000 times in this video. nope. he breathed because he had to. that is same way people eat.

  2. Unfortunately, Jason is no longer with us. He passed away at age 35 (in 2017) from a rare lymphoma. However, the information he has to offer is great and should be followed.

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  10. hello Ted x Talk,
    you have really excellent understanding
    i would like aske a question in which i am too much confused i lots of studied watched vedios to understand exact correct nutrition definition but i am still confused i got a concept from all of this but i am not sure that is it right that i think definition of Nutrition is
    1) nutrition is the science or investigation of food and
    nutrition is the science or investigation of food take in body to meet its requirements ,
    nutrition is the analysis of that food which intake by the body and
    nutrition is the analysis of the relation between the food and body with regard to any impect of food on body.
    2) study of food that intake the body for meet its requirement.
    3) observation of food and how take the food .
    4) study of food in all forms and all processes how our body ingest , digest , metabolize , mobilize , store and excrete food ,
    please kindly tell me my above mentioned 4 points are correct or not with regard to correct nutrition definition ?

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