Emotion, Stress, and Well being: Crash Course Psychology #26


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  1. A way to health and good

    Why is good good? What is good?

    It's good when a situation fits. It's good when a situation doesn't damage.

    Damage is the opposite of healing.
    Damage breaks something. Healing repairs something.

    No damage is therefore Healing.

    If a situation doesn't damage, it seems to heal ?!

    Desire is wanting what is missing.
    What is missing, is the good.

    So if you recognize the good and thus have it, you no longer desire.

    You just have to show yourself whether a situation heals when it doesn't damage.

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  2. Can u please reply me I have stress my face expressions change my lips cheek like banding Jow pain what should I do I know what is doing with me it's normal but feeling is same when I say to my mind

  3. So i had an experience last year that people coined as a "traumatic event". Basically i almost ran off the road on a slippery snowy road at 70-80 km/h, which would have killed or severely injured me.
    I talked to a doctor in the aftermath and she told me i should look out for any changes or distress like anxiety or troublesome thoughts and such. I believe she was referring to symptoms related to PTSD and the "fight or flight" response.

    However i don't think i ever experienced the "fight or flight" response. Atleast i couldn't identify it happening. The first change i noticed was that i had become a lot more calm in general. The doctor warned me of emotional distress, but i think i had the opposite effect. I'm not saying i can't feel any emotions. I'm saying that i don't respond to them. Atleast not in the same way as others around me.
    But to get to the point. You know how some people activate the "fight or flight" response and get stuck with it activated. I'm wondering if it's possible to achieve the same thing with the "rest and digest" response?

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