This Medical doctors WARNING, May Simply SAVE YOUR Metabolic HEALTH | David Perlmutter


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  2. @33:45

    Um…there is more than one cause of type II diabetes but a big one is too much fat in the diet. When your cells get filled with lipids they block insulin from being able to push glucose into the cells so the body puts out more insulin to try to lower blood glucose levels. This insulin resistance that shows up as high insulin or or glucose depending on what you are testing for, isn't telling you that high sugar diet causes type II diabetes. The high blood sugar and high insulin level is often a result of high intramyocellular lipid levels (fats in the cells) that again, is blocking insulin from pushing glucose into the cells.

    The way you phrased it is ignoring the most common cause of insulin resistance and type II diabetes. Of course type II can also be beta cell burnout in the pancreas and other issues, but if someone has blood sugar / insulin issues first thing they need to do is start cutting out some of the fats from their diets and, obviously, processed foods.

    You are basically thinking a symptom is the cause, which is very often far from the truth. High blood sugars is often not from too much sugar in the diet.

    Linked below he references studies going back a century that show that they knew that high fat diets are causal. The reason that garbage like Paleo or Keto look like they are curing insulin resistance or type II diabetes is because they greatly reduce a macronutrient that allows those conditions to express themselves rather than treating the actual cause of the problem. Would you treat a brain tumor with headache medication to mask the pain? Or would you go after the actual problem?

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  3. Well since a carnivore diet of red meat, mainly from ruminant animals, is the optimal human diet, of course you feel great by eating red meat and worse when you drop it and increase plant matter. Humans do not digest plants well at all. Tom try this, drop all plant foods for 90 days, eat only meat and see how amazing you feel. None of this other bs matters. Drop the harmful plants (veggies, fruits, nuts, etc…) and thrive.

  4. Hi Tom, was there a problem with the recording when making the podcast as the volume is almost inaudible? I was listening to you on my mobile and thought my mobile was the problem, but the volume is also very low on my laptop, other podcasts are fine.

  5. 5:50: Uric acid is not the end product of neither fructose or alcohol…. Fructose is a sugar, not requiring much breakdown at all. The breakdown products are water and CO2. Alcohol doesn't contain any nitrogen either. There might be and association between high intake of alcohol and fructose, and uric acid, but that's another story.


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