How do carbohydrates impression your well being? – Richard J. Wooden


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  1. Seeing a lot of reviews from Dr IGUDIA on YouTube for Diabetes disease cure not until I gave it a shot and that was the end of my Diabetes disease after using his herbal medicine

  2. This video is informational and fine, but I’m so tired of how carbs are seen as villainous by so many this century (the blame having shifted from fats in the previous century).

  3. Vera Cruzana, an east coast chain, makes these potato burritos that’s potatoes and rice wrapped in a tortilla, a starch bomb that I love to order when I’m starving hungry!

  4. Please note, although it's implied that all sugar is created equal, it is not. Fructose must be broken down by the liver before it cam be metabolized. Thus, it has a deceptively lower glycemic index. Excessive fructose intake may raise the risk of metabolic syndrome and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

  5. I was taught that carbohydrates were the human body’s β€œpreferred” macronutrient and energy source, on the basis that the body will metabolise glucose first if it’s around. Of course that wasn’t true – just because something is metabolised first doesn’t mean it’s best; if you’ve consumed alcohol, that gets metabolised before sugar. But of course it’s absurd to say that ethanol is the body’s preferred source of energy, since ethanol is literally toxic (albeit a toxin which most people find pleasurable to consume).

    The reality is that humans don’t actually need to consume any carbohydrates; there are essential fatty acids and essential amino acids, but there’s no such thing as an essential carbohydrate. I would argue that even classifying carbohydrates as a macronutrient is incorrect. Carbs, like alcohol (fermented carbohydrate), are an energy source, but they don’t provide anything the human body actually requires, and so should not be classified as a nutrient.

  6. Erratic insulin in your bloodstream leads to diebetes and diabetes leads to complications of EVERYTHING that often leads to death. Probably why the ketogenic diet is so popular. The Keto diet works.

  7. Anything that was not given to you by nature . You are not meant to eat it so don't end it! Stop eating processed food. There shouldnt be any process between nature and your food. That includes bread.

  8. Sugar is sugar is one of the most misleading statements ever pushed by sugar producers. Sugar is sucrose. This means 50% fructose. There is no fructose in white bread. Massive difference to diggestion.

  9. To even a little further explain, once high starch containing foods like pasta or break or rice get cold for example you put into fridge after cooking and let them cool for a while, some of the starch in them becomes resistant starch because of the retrogradation reaction of starch and your body can not break through resistant starch meaning you can only digest the non-resistant portion of the starch. When you can not break through the bonds between the monosaccharides in a polysaccharide, it acts as a fiber in your body rather than utilizing it as an energy source. The point is when you consume stale bread or cold pasta or cold rice or any other product that contains mainly starch and not freshly cooked but coldened for a while, they provide less calories and their glysemic index is lower to the hot ones. As soon as you heat them up again the starch is going to be non-resistant again especially if you heat them until 60 celsius it will be almost fully non resistant. There are even products that aims to make you consume resistant starch so you gain less calories and do not suffer from the high blood sugar levels, a common example being the whole grain bread. And about fibers, they are polysaccharides. The thing about polysaccharides is when you solve them in proper solvents, they increase the viscosity of the solvent meaning the solution will be less mobile like honey is less mobile than water. It is also true for the monossccharides and disaccharides but it is so less compared to polysaccharides so you cannot easily detect it physically. When you add refined sugar, which is sucrose, into a glass of water, it becomes more viscous than normal water. However the change is so low that you cannot feel it right away. If you add enough, you will feel it but still it is not practically useful since you can achive the same thing with very little amounts of polysaccharides. Once you ingest fibers, they increase the viscosity of your digestive fluid meaning that it will be less mobile thus passes slower to your small intestine. This results as your whole digestive system works slower than usual thus you feel full for a longer period of time. This property of polysaccharides is used commonly in especially gel like food products. When you look at the ingredients section of a product and see the word "stabilizer" it is probably a polysaccharide. Pectin is an example of this which is used to produce jams.

  10. Nice explanation, although at 4:32 you speaking about 32% of the population, while drawing a much smaller amount in the infografic. 32% is ca. the 1/3 of the circle, so it should be twice as big.

  11. "sugar is sugar" ?
    This goes precisely against what was pointed out earlier in the clip, namely that there are different carbohydrate-sources possessing a different glycemic index. Eating 200 grams of oats it not at all akin to drinking 200ml of fanta.

  12. Concerns about loss of market ( junk food) leads to ignorance in society about dieting. I believe people should be informed more about how junk food affect their health. It is just not cigarettes that make you sick slowly. The lollipop that you give your children every day is going to make sick your children in time, or cornflakes, donuts, mc Donald’s etc.


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