Social Determinants of Well being – an introduction


The Social Determinants of Well being are the situations wherein persons are born, develop, stay and age. They’ve a big affect …



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  6. "How can we change these determinants?" is a good question to begin with. But next, we need to ask which determinants would have a stronger impact on the overall health of the society? This second question can help policy makers prioritize what needs to be done, because it's usually infeasible to adequately move the needle on all determinants. A System Dynamics dynamics approach to understanding the problem is necessary. System Dynamics simulations take into account different cause-effect paths both positive and negative, as well as feedback loops that can help expedite or negate changes in outcomes.

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  9. What are the direct effects of massive inequality and misidentifying human beings to maintain it, by class and race, Wgat are the effects of capitalism on human social health and individualhealth. All the indicators of poor health are promoted in some populations by capitalists

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