The surprisingly dramatic position of vitamin in psychological well being | Julia Rucklidge | TEDxChristchurch


NOTE FROM TED: Please seek the advice of with a psychological well being skilled and don’t look to this speak for medical recommendation because the …



  1. without being to much "scientific" and with the due respect for serious mental health, I would make a simple question (that I made to myself first): how do you feel after eating good food? Happy!
    Caring about a simple thing like the taste of what you eat is not a detail in everyday life. Eating is not like stopping at a gas station.

  2. It seems so logical that once the body has enough resources to fight illness it can achieve it. Though we over complicate everything, we ruin the planet and ourselves. I want to believe this is the future of mental health

  3. sad thing is… Big Pharma likes to line their pocket, they make the meds, they want to keep selling… a bit like recently, V@x that have no list of ingredients, no possible side effects listed and somehow, no choice for people who need to work to put food on the family table… and the demand of being not held responsible if there are any vaers… and yet there were/are doctors who had wonderful results getting people well with… you guessed it, A protocol of micronutrients, and 2 other previously deemed safe and cheap medications (That have now been outlawed, it would seem, in every country of the world) Big pharma needed to make plenty of profit, so hush up those doctors, ban the ingredients in the protocol that saved lives, make money instead. Where is "First do no Harm"???

  4. We need to seek the Holy Spirit for comfort during this time, our Adonai gave us word of truth that while he go to prepare a place for us, he will send us the Spirit of Truth, do y’all understand this is part of the Holy Spirit of our Heavenly Father. In revelation speaks of the 7 Spirit of God, these are the same Spirits that was a sign for the Jews to recognize the promise messiah, and our messiah said pray for the Holy Spirit and you will receive the Spirit of truth. So we should all be praying and seeking the Holy Spirit of God because the Spirit will turn your heart to the Son of God, who will turn your heart to our Heavenly Father, creator of all. This is the comfort from the Comforter, our Heavenly is where all truth n love abide n nothing else matters because he is Life, the Tree of Life, Hallelujah

  5. My ex is vegan and she was always hungry and going through the ups and downs of the carb cycles, filling, depletion, craving. It's basically impossible to not eat a ton of carbs and also to feel fully satiated if you're only eating plants and fruits.

    She was incredibly moody and volatile at times and a lot of it correlated with how hungry she was and she admitted she never felt hungry and often had to eat a second dinner/large snack right before getting to bed.

    I eat high quality animal/fish proteins and low carbs, vegetables, fruits and I was the mentally stable one in the relationship–not saying I was perfect because of course i'm human, but I couldn't help but think that if she simply ate meat that satiated her she'd be in a much better mood, less negative, less critical of others who she would also judge because they were heartless animal murderers in her eyes.

    To each their own but objectively I think in the end, this is one of the things that makes veganism unhealthy long term. As a temporary cleanse, sure, but as a lifestyle, it will only wreak havoc in the end

  6. You know, we could put more pressure on school systems to encourage more free play and creativity and stop having unrealistic expectations on children to be tested on everything from the time they’re 3 years old, and expect them to sit for hours at a time. Get them up and out and PLAY and we might make a difference in childrens overll mental health

  7. Cheap food is an illusion. There is no such thing as cheap food. The real cost of the food is paid somewhere. And if it isn't paid at the cash register, it's charged to the environment or to the public purse in the form of subsidies.

  8. Do you believe that ANY disease is curable, without medicine? Do you believe that Jesus is the BEST doctor out there? He heals, He cures, and He delivers you from ALL oppressions! He healed me from depression…without EVER seeing a doc! For more healing evidences, check out Apostle Kathryn Krick’s videos on YouTube! God bless you all ❤️❤️❤️.

  9. Good talk, but it never discussed which micorronutrients were recommended based on current knowledge. That part is disappointing of an otherwise valuable and good talk.

  10. I have ADHD. My parents put me on a diet for this as a child. It's called the Feingold diet. No artificial colors or flavors. Low sugar, and no preservatives. It works. Symptoms just faded and disappeared. I had to put my kids on it too, as they inherited my ADHD. Worked for them as well.

  11. What made her use the word surprising? For the past 25 years I have known the importance of nutrition for the good brain function – because I was involved in very heavy intellectual profession designing and constant search for new ideas and devouring your information and putting it all together in a brand new concept… Nutrition is the most important thing for the brain. function – It is not the only one by any means – but it is the most important.

  12. Last comment for today: if you're struggling with anxiety and depression that simply won't go away, is it possible you have a "Fight or Flight" response that won't turn off? Did you have some kind of scare or trauma in your life? Do you think you might suffer from PTSD? PTSD isn't just for soldiers. Any one of us can have something traumatic happen in our life. If this sounds like you, look into the "Stellate Ganglion Block." One of my family members had this done and for the first time, in over 50 years, his Fight or Flight response disappeared. His anxiety and depression disappeared with it, overnight. The SGB is an injection of a numbing substance into the neck that goes straight to the Fight or Flight center and disengages it to give it a rest. It stops the endless loop of being "on guard." Once the numbing agent wears off (usually overnight) the ganglion stay disengaged. The injection is about $1,200 and may be paid by insurance.


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